Winter is a perfect time to indulge in your adventurous side, and there is no better way to feel alive than to visit Swedish Lapland. The area offers a range of activities right at your doorstep: snowmobiling through sparkling white woods, moose safaris and ice adventures in the Gulf of Bothnia.

As the evening closes in, enjoy the warmth from great camp fires, hot saunas and outdoor wooden hot tubs. You may even get a glimpse of the amazing northern lights. Absolute silence.

In addition to typical activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and dogsledding, guests will experience an icebreaker tour of the sub-arctic Gulf of Bothnia. They will feel the total power when the engines rush into the massive ice and hear the ice crunching against the hull. They will enjoy an ice-covered landscape, have the opportunity to walk on the ice and, for the adventurous, swim in the dark and cold waters wearing a survival suite to keep you warm and dry!

Photo © Johannes Holmlund

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