A unique chance to savour the typical taste and atmosphere and live in touch with uncontaminated nature and surrounded by silence. A holiday in Swedish Lapland, with the magic of holidays, is also ideal for families.

The programs are rich in exciting experiences: from snowmobiling safari through the forest in search of the moose, to the visit to Santa Claus hidden place nested in the woods.

Many of the activities will take place in small villages hedged by forests. In Lapland, winter is a special season and venturing among the snowy trees on sledge pulled by huskies is one of the things to do at least once in a lifetime! Guests can also drill their own hole in the ice and try to catch a fish or explore the woods for a snowshoe walk with a guide.

All the programs also include a visit to Bonnstan in Skellefteå, one of the seventeenth-century Swedish best preserved parish villages that consists of 116 wooden houses where churchgoers from distant villages could rest after a long journey on Sundays. The packages can also include a visit to the Lycksele Arctic Wildlife Park, which hosts extraordinary animals such as lynx, wolf, reindeer, gnome and musk ox.

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